In the past 67 years our family has always operated in the packaging field. In the 50s we were sheet and paper bag producers, at the end of the 50s we started the production of plastic bags and rolls, with the first bubble production line and the manual sealing machines.
In 1964 PLASTICA DI MUCCI sas was formed in the north of Italy, we were leading manufacturer of plastic film for the automatic packaging, shrink films and shrink bags, stretch film, industrial bags and industrial tubular also with flexographic printing at six colours with base tri-colour and four-colour processes.
In the beginning of the 80s we invested in technology and established the factory PAKCHEMIE srl on the south of Italy, where, in the beginning, we produced plastic film in mono-extrusion, and with the advanced technology, co-extrusion film from three to five layers’ with completely automatic production lines in bubble and CAST to produce technical films. In 2004 we closed the activities.
A new start
With the company Lu. Di. Pack co., ltd established in Hong Kong on 2004, we still dedicate the business in sale by containers to large distributors, full range of packaging products. Our presence in Asia, has allowed us to train and educate our producers, giving our extrusion technology and the use of pure raw materials.
With our Guangzhou office, in the south of China, we train our secretary to give the service to our customers in all over the world. For over 67 years we are giving our primary importance to serving in a best way our customers and we have a excellent reputation!